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GW2 - 2016 Summer Quarterly Update Guardianの変更

Guardians are receiving a few reworks and changes to their baseline abilities. We felt it was odd to have heavily incorporated symbols to the profession and its traits but not have symbols available with all weapon builds. Thus, both sword and scepter are now receiving symbols, with both also receiving a few other changes to improve quality of life. In other areas, we looked to make quality-of-life improvements to baseline weapon and utility skills.


  • Faithful Strike: This skill now strikes up to three targets, with the healing aspect only activating on the first outgoing hit. Base healing per level has been increased by 20%. The healing contribution has been increased by 39%. The healing radius has been increased from 120 to 180.(Faithful Strike: Maceオートアタック3段目がヒットするターゲットの上限が5→3人に減少しました。レベル毎のベースヒーリングが20%上昇しました。ヒーリングの貢献が39%上昇しました。ヒーリング範囲が120→180に上昇しました)
  • Protector’s Strike: In addition to granting protection, this skill now grants aegis to nearby allies when it ends via block. Protection is no longer applied in a radius if the guardian does not block anything.(Protector's Strike: Mace#3ブロック終了時にAegisも付与するようになりました。何もブロックしなかった場合はProtectionの効果を得られなくなりました)
  • Mighty Blow: This skill no longer places the guardian in midair, is now affected by quickness and slow, and can be used in conjunction with Judge’s Intervention.(Mighty Blow: Hammer#2スキルはこのスキル使用によってガーディアンが空中に浮くことが無くなりました。QuicknessとSlowの影響を受けるようになりました。Judge's Interventionと併用出来るようになりました)
  • Sword Wave: This skill no longer fires missiles but instead delivers three melee attacks at different angles, with all three attacks hitting enemies directly in front of the guardian. The number of targets this skill can strike has been reduced from 5 to 3 per attack.(Sword Wave: Sowrdオートアタック3段目はミサイルを発射しなくなりました。その代わりに3つの近距離攻撃をそれぞれ異なるアングルで前方に発動します。ヒットするターゲットの上限が5→3人に減少しました)
  • Flashing Blade: This skill has been renamed Symbol of Blades and now drops a symbol at the guardian’s feet, applying fury to nearby allies for 1.5 seconds. Initial impact damage has been increased to normal symbol values.(Flashing Blade: Sword#2は着地地点に1パルス辺り1.5秒のFuryを与えるシンボルを生成します。最初の1撃で与えるダメージが通常のシンボルの価値に上昇しました)
  • Zealot’s Defense: The missile velocity of this skill’s projectiles has been increased by 33%. Reduced the variability of the angle that projectiles are launched at by 50%, which enhances their overall accuracy.(Zealot's Defense: Sword#3の発射するミサイルの速度が33%上昇しました。発射体の角度のムラが50%軽減されました)
  • Zealot’s Speed: The health threshold of this skill has been increased from 50% to 75%.(Zealot's Speed: Zeal Minorトレイトの発動の条件になるHPの閾値が50%→75%になりました)
  • Orb of Wrath: The aftercast of this skill has been reduced by 0.16 seconds. The range of this skill has been reduced from 1200 to 900.(Orb of Wrath: Staff#2のキャスト後の硬直?が0.16秒削減されました。射程が1,200→900に減少しました)
  • Smite: This skill has been renamed Symbol of Punishment and now drops a symbol at the target location that deals damage to the area every 1 second, additionally delivering smaller Smite attacks. The Smite damage interval has been increased from 0.25 seconds to 0.5 seconds and will persist as long as the symbol is active (meaning more strikes when the Writ of Persistence trait is active). The range of this skill has been reduced from 1200 to 900.(Smite: Scepter#2の名称が「Symbol of Punishment」に変更されSymbol攻撃になりました。このSymbolはMightを付与します。Symbolは1秒おきにダメージを与え、追加で少量のSmite攻撃を与えます。Smite攻撃の間隔が0.25秒→0.5秒に上昇しました。射程が1,200→900に減少しました)
  • Banish: The recharge of this skill has been reduced from 25 seconds to 18 seconds.(Banish: Hammer#4スキルのリチャージが25秒→18秒に減少しました)
  • Signet of Resolve: The recharge of this skill has been reduced from 40 seconds to 35 seconds.(リチャージが40秒→35秒に減少しました)
  • Sanctuary: Increased the radius of this skill from 120 to 180. Increased the base healing per pulse by 60%. Increased the healing attribute contribution by 275%. The recharge of this skill has been reduced from 90 seconds to 75 seconds. Fixed a bug that caused Sanctuary to last longer than intended when not affected by traits. The number of enemies that can be knocked back by this skill has been reduced to 10; Sanctuary will disappear after the tenth enemy is knocked back.(範囲が120→180に拡大しました。パルスごとのベースヒールが60%上昇しました。Healing powerによる回復量への影響が275%上昇しました。リチャージが90秒→75秒に減少しました。このスキルはノックバックの上限回数が10になります。シールドは10回敵をノックバックした場合消滅します)
  • Hallowed Ground: The recharge of this skill has been reduced from 80 seconds to 60 seconds. Updated the skill description to properly reflect the skill’s functionality.(リチャージが80秒→60秒に減少しました)
  • Signet of Mercy: The casting time of this skill has been reduced from 3.75 seconds to 3 seconds. The aftercast has been reduced by 0.25 seconds.(キャスト時間が3.75秒→3秒に減少しました。キャスト後の硬直が0.25秒減少しました)
  • Shield of Courage: With the Indomitable Courage trait equipped, this skill will now grant stability when the skill begins rather than when it completes.(Indomitable Courageトレイトを使用している場合、その効果がスキルの終了時ではなく、発動時に得られるようになりました)
  • Virtue of Resolve: This skill now removes up to 2 conditions from the guardian baseline. This effect has been carried through to Wings of Resolve as well.(Virtue of ResolveとWing of Resolveに自分のConditionを2つ除去する効果が加わりました)
  • Spear of Justice: In addition to burning, this skill now cripples tethered enemies for 1.5 seconds.(1.5秒のCripple効果が追加されました)
  • Communal Defenses: Fixed a bug in which aegis could be applied to infinite targets.(無制限のターゲットにAegisが追加されていたバグを修正しました)
  • Master of Consecrations: This trait now grants 2 seconds of increased consecration time instead of an ambiguous 20%.(このトレイトは各Consecrationスキルの効果時間を2秒延長すると明瞭化されました)
  • Supreme Justice: Aspects of this trait have been merged into the grandmaster trait Permeating Wrath. In addition to burning enemies in the area, this trait now allows Virtue of Justice to cause burning more frequently. Increased burning duration has been removed. This trait has been renamed Virtuous Solace.(Surpreme WratjはGrandmasnterトレイトのPremeating Wrathに統合されました。Burn duration延長は除去されました。空いたMajorトレイトのスペースに新トレイトVirtuous Solace: HPが閾値に達した時に低級Sanctuaryを発動が追加されました)
  • Virtuous Solace: Drop a Merciful Sanctuary at your location when your health reaches the 25% threshold. This trait functions similarly to Sanctuary and is classified as a consecration, but it has less active time and slightly less base healing value.(残りHPが25%に達した時ダウングレード版Sanctuaryをドロップします。オリジナルのスキルに比べてヒーリング量と効果時間が低下しています)
  • Glacial Heart: The recharge of this trait has been reduced from 15 seconds to 10 seconds. The damage of this trait has been increased by 33%.(リチャージが15秒→10秒に減少しました。トレイトによるダメージ効果が33%上昇しました)
  • Heavy Light: Deflecting Shot now knocks enemies back a distance of 300 on each hit, with no internal cooldown. Gain stability for 6 seconds when knocking back, launching, or pulling an enemy. The stability aspect has a 10-second internal cooldown.(Deflecting Shotは300距離のノックバックを行うようになります。敵をKnockback, Launch, Pull時に6秒間のStabilityを獲得します。Stability効果は10秒のリチャージがあります)
  • Monk’s Focus: Fixed a bug in which Renewed Focus had a longer cooldown than intended if the player went into a downed state while casting Renewed Focus.(Renewed Focus使用中にダウンするとリチャージ時間がトレイト短縮効果の恩恵を受けないバグを修正しました)
  • Bow of Truth (Command): Increased the base healing per hit by 3 so that this skill no longer heals for 0 when scaled into low-level areas.(ヒット毎のベースヒール量が3増加しました。低レベル帯のスケーリングによりヒール量が0になることが無くなりました)

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