GuildWars2 - Tarir The Forgotten City II


前回、ExaltedはElder Dragonの脅威から弱者を保護しようとした異端のドラゴンGlintと共に行動したForgottenに賛同し、その計画を継承する為に人間としての生を捨てた元人間であることが分かりました。今回はアチーブメント"A Study in Gold"についてです。

"A Study in Gold"はSage Lauralから貰ったAuric Viewerを使って、Tarir周辺に点在するタブレットの内容を読んでいくアチーブメントです。



Laural:Welcome. Have you seen Herta?
プレイヤー:Who is Herta?
Laural:Herta is...my friend. She was in charge of caring for the Last Speech tablets, like this one. But she's gone missing. Would you help me find her?
プレイヤー:I'll do my best. Where should I start?
Laural:Find tablets like this one and see if they've been recently cleaned. This Auric viewer will help.
プレイヤー:What is it?
Laural:It will allow you to see whether Herta has been there or not. Look at this tablet with it, and you'll see her mark upon it.
プレイヤー:All right. Give me the cypher, and I'll see what I can do.

Laural:タブレットを見つけて、最近クリーニングされているかを確認してください。このAuric Viewerが役立ちます。
Laural:Hertaがそこにいたかどうかが分かります。Auric Viewerを使ってこのタブレットを見てください。彼女の残した跡が判るでしょう。


プレイヤー:Who are you?
Laural:I am Sage Laural.
プレイヤー:What do you call your race?
Laural:I am Exalted. Once human, but changed to make us ready for our duties.
プレイヤー:You were once human? From where?
Laural:Elona. And before you ask, yes, I do miss my homeland. But I am committed to answer a higher calling.
プレイヤー:How long have you been here?
Laural:A very long time. The decades have passed like a dream. I was recently awakened, when Glint's egg came near. I have a purpose, you see. I am here because I am needed.
プレイヤー:Your dedication is impressive.



This Tablet has an engraving that reads "The Final Speech of the Last Forgotten to the Exalted". Transcribed by Bogani the Walker of Vabbi.


1 "You who stand before me are remarkable. We have tested you by trial, and you have pledged yourself to a cause that will change you forever"


2 "The Elder Dragons rise again, and you are called by Glaust to ensure the survival of Tyria. We are entrusting our aspirations for the future with you, the Exalted, our most loyal defenders."

エルダードラゴンは再び目覚めます。貴方達は未来のティリアの存続の為にGlustに選ばれた存在です。私達は貴方達Exalted ー 最も忠実な守護者達に私達の希望を託します。

3 "You look upon me and see the sunset of our race. I am the last of the Forgotten. It has been millennia since our true name was last spoken aloud, and soon we will be no more. No, do not mourn. We will live on in your work, in your words, and in your battles"


4 "Together, we took the first step toward safeguarding against the six that mean to drain this world completely of its magic. One day, you alone will take the final step. The bar of success or failure balances upon your shoulders."


5 "In olden times, when the Dragons stirred, it fell to the Seers to set aside a reservoir of magic for the upcoming drought. Glaust herself was a defender of civilization, at great risk to herself, and Kralratorrik understood the depth of her betrayal and killed her for it."


6 "We do not have the divine resources needed to imbue a new Bloodstone with enough magic to prevent Tyria from declining into a state of primitive adversity. And so we allied with Glaust, a magical being of great power, to find a way."


7 "Glaust has been known by many names, and even we do not know her true name. She is called Glint in these modern times, and she entrusted us with using her legacy for tyria. We, however, have no guarantee - only hope - that by her legacy we will save Tyria from the desiccation of its magic."


8 "We began our journey among the magical canyons of the Lost Precipice, and when it no longer served us, we moved on."

私達の旅は魔法の渓谷Lost Precipiceから始まりました。そしてそこが役目を終えた時、私達はそこを後にしました。

9 "En route to our final destination, we sheltered in a hollow and peformed the exalting rituals, but ultimately, we left there as well. One day, Tarir will no longer serve us, and you will move on. Do not fear that day. When it comes, you will know that your purpose has been fulfilled."

私達はGilded Hollowでも儀式を行いました。しかしそこも去りました。いつの日かTarirも役目を終え、そして貴方達も去ります。その日を恐れないで下さい。その日が訪れるということは、我々の目的が叶う時です。

10 "And when we arrived here, you created a city worthy of Glint's pride. Your work here pleased and humbled me and the other Forgotten."


11 "We raised this haven at the edge of Mordremoth's jungle, but no Elder Dragon can touch us here. Our magic shields the city from them. Here you will wait in stasis for the signs, and much time may pass before you awaken to the call."


12 "Your friends and families have no less important a charge. The Brotherhood of the Dragon passed its mantle on to them. They are the first guardians of the egg, and only once it nears its time will they deliver it to you."


13 "They're calling themselves the Zephyrites after the gentle, ever-moving breeze of their homeland, and none but their inner circle will know their secret mission. It may be generations before you are reunited with their descendants, but they are committed."


14 "Glint's legacy is far more than just her offspring, and you must protect it all. The legacy's potential will only be realized in the fullness of time when all its pieces have developed and become defined in response to the world around them."


15 "The legacy's most essential elements will seed the new dawn of civilization. This is the precious treasure we leave in your hands. You must preserve it with no expectations of laurels. You too will be forgotten once your duty is done."


16 "As the last Forgotten, I have come to understand the vastness of history and the ephemeral nature of truth. Stories of your deeds will warp in retelling. But, you do not do this to leave your mark."


17 "You do it to ensure that this world you love continues on after you're gone. Glint's dream of a harmonious future can come to pass. Now you carry the torch of her benevolence."




ExaltedやTarirは「黄金」がテーマですが、Elona地方のサブタイトルは「Land of the Golden Sun」。GW時代のElonaがテーマの拡張Nightfallで追加されたプロフェッションParagonはゴールドがメインカラーに使われていて「脅威に立ち向かう人類のチャンピオン」と表現されています。TarirやExaltedと設定が被るところがありますが、これはElona人とExaltedのリンクを意識した設定なのでしょうか?